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After a decade of working as a session musician, drumming on multiple world tours and recordings (Mika, Florence & The Machine), Ed Carlile aka King Ed is now focusing entirely on his career as a producer and writer.

King Ed's production and writing credits include Baby Queen, Years & Years, Birdy, Dylan, Only The Poets, Jasmine Jethwa and CMAT.


King Ed has been instrumental in the development of Baby Queen - a project which he has nurtured and developed with Bella aka Baby Queen since they co-wrote the first Baby Queen song together at its inception in 2019. The six-track debut EP ‘Medicine’ was co-written and produced in its entirety by King Ed as Baby Queen's sole studio collaborator. Other than on the track 'You Shaped Hole' for which King Ed shares a co-production credit with Mark Ralph, 'The Yearbook' mixtape was again produced entirely by and co-written with King Ed.

Recently, Baby Queen single 'Colours of You' co-written with and produced by King Ed was featured in Netflix series Heartstopper with other King Ed & Baby Queen records 'Buzzkill', 'Want Me', and 'Dover Beach'. 


In 2022, King Ed scored a #1 album on the UK's Official Chart with Years & Years' album 'Night Call' thanks to his production on track 1 'Consequences'. King Ed has also recently been working closely with renowned British singer-songwriter Birdy with releases to follow in 2023.

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