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King Ed produces Baby Queen's debut album title track "Quarter Life Crisis"

Stream "Quarter Life Crisis" here:

Ahead of her upcoming debut album and month-long tour, Baby Queen has released the title track to her album "Quarter Life Crisis"- mixed by King Ed. The song deals with the harsh reality of growing up and realising that adulthood comes with responsibility, despite the fact that she still feels 'stuck in the middle'. Having appeared in the final episode of Heartstopper and with her debut album only weeks away, it certainly feels an exciting time for all eyes to be on Baby Queen.

Baby Queen about "Quarter Life Crisis":

She looked up the meaning of the phrase and felt validation. “People have this experience where you’re looking both forward and back,” she explained. “It’s the realization that, actually, you can’t fuck around anymore. Fucking around finally comes to an end.”

Watch the Official Music Video for "Quarter Life Crisis" here:


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