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King Ed interviewed about his work with Baby Queen by online magazine 'The Line of Best Fit'

Having worked closely since before the release of her debut single in 2020, King Ed and Baby Queen have no doubt developed a remarkable relationship when it comes to songwriting.

Speaking to music magazine 'The Line of Best Fit', Baby Queen (Arabella Latham) stated that Fast Friends' producer and writer King Ed was introduced to her by her first manager. She accredits her initial meeting with him that lead to years of working together as the reason that label Polydor found her.

Discussing the early years of working with Baby Queen before she had been signed, King Ed tells The Line of Best Fit:

“I think there’s a magic in that period before an artist releases anything, before it becomes something real. From day one I was convinced Bella was an important artist. She was quieter when I met her, less assured of her own talents, but they were obvious to anyone who was listening. We got together and wrote a song about a car or something (!) and her lyrics off the cuff were brilliant. No run-of-the-mill rhymes, nothing trite, just clever, witty, fascinating turns of phrase.”

Later speaking about Baby Queen's album 'Quarter Life Crisis', the writing of which she states she found 'impossible', King Ed says:

“I really felt for her! This album, of course, matters an enormous amount to me, and is probably the thing I’m most proud of to date, but she’s going to make great records as long as she wants to be writing them.”

King Ed finishes by praising the chameleon-like ability Latham has to adapt to whatever character she is trying to portray:

“I always think she’s aware of the character she’s embodying in the song. Like Lana or Gaga she can play up to this to make it hit a little deeper or twist the knife somehow. I think it’s this strength of character that defines her music. Her songs couldn’t be sung by anyone else.”


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