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Kes and King Ed credited in tracks played on Elton John's radio show 'Rocket Hour'

Stream 'Dream Of Running' by Jasmine Jethwa here:

Stream 'Only One on Earth' by Lo Lauren here:

On his Apple Music radio show 'Rocket Hour', pop legend Elton John has this week featured tracks mixed by Kieran Beardmore aka "Kes" and produced by King Ed. Jasmine Jethwa's beautifully melancholic "Dream of Running" (produced by King Ed, mixed by Kes) was played alongside rising star Lo Lauren's "Only One on Earth" (mixed by Kes).

Since 2015, Elton has aimed to put together a mix of

'music you know, music you don’t know, and music you should know'

for each weekly hour-long programme. He is often joined by world-renowned artists such as Lil Nas X, Troye Sivan and The Weeknd, gaining a high level of traction with each new episode. With such a worldwide reach, the fact that King Ed and Kes's work has now been played on the show and hence recognised by pop-royalty is to be nothing short of celebrated.


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