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King Ed co-writes CMAT's latest single "Stay For Something"

Stream "Stay For Something" here:

CMAT (an acronym for the singer's initials) is an Irish artist who released her debut album "If My Wife Knew I'd Be Dead" just last year. In the lead up to the release of her second studio album later this year, CMAT has this week dropped her latest single "Stay for Something", written by King Ed. The song, which was debuted as a 'Hottest Record' by Clara Amfo on BBC Radio 1, talks of trying to find the reason for staying in a previous relationship that she now regrets, with the quirky video highlighting CMAT's incredibly colourful approach to her art.

Talking about the song, CMAT said:

“It’s not very lyrical or poetic, it’s just a lot of emotion and energy – this song, to me, sounds like going for a run at 1am with your headphones on full blast, screaming through the streets in order to get away from your problems. i hope that at least one person does that when they hear it.”

Watch the Official Music Video for "Stay For Something" here:


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