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Linden Jay speaks to PAYE about his journey in music, from Berklee to being a full-time producer

"In an age where anyone can become a viral success as an artist, we risk devaluing the worth of those who have gone through the necessary rites of passage to become true musicians. Those who care about the craft can be left behind for those who are better at creating something that’s hot for the moment. At the same time, those who invest and build an arsenal of tools for themselves, can not only create art, but also provide themselves with options for the financial stability that is so difficult to come by as a musician. A perfect example of an individual that has such an array of tools, is Linden Jay."

So begins PAYE (Play As You Earn)'s latest conversation with Linden Jay, who speaks to the platform about his early days as a jazz-trained musician at Berklee and how his life has changed since, as he now focuses on outside production for other artists (RITUAL, Lion Babe, JGrrey, Rejjie Snow, etc.) as well as on producing, writing and touring with his band FARR.

Read the full feature here.

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