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Linden Jay co-writes and produces four tracks on new Erick the Architect album with FARR featuring on "Shook Up"

Stream "Shook Up" here:

Erick the Architect's highly anticipated debut solo album "I've Never Been Here Before" was released yesterday, with Linden Jay co-writing and producing the tracks "Ambrosia", "Shook Up", "Instincts" and "Leukemia / AM". Linden is also part of Fast Friends musical duo FARR, alongside singer-songwriter Romeo Testa, who also feature on the song "Shook Up". It comes as no surprise that Erick and Linden have collaborated on such an important record for Erick's career as they are a long-established partnership, with Linden having produced and written a number of his previous songs such as EP "Future Proof" and "No Ice".

"I've Never Been Here Before" contains 16 tracks and has resulted in a body of work with a 'statement-making collection of razor-sharp songs'. The album discusses intensely personal experiences such as the loss of his mother and the turmoil of a difficult breakup, with fearlessness, Black resilience and unity appearing as other powerful themes throughout the record.

FARR are set to support Erick on his US tour from the 17th April - get tickets here.

‘Leukemia/AM‘ is a rhythmically complex diagram of how expressionistic love can be. Kimbra reminisces like a 1920s jazz lounge singer patiently waiting to see the moon again, displacing heartsickness with misery and a progressive pop note before warped strings echo in the ether. Here, Erick’s vulnerability speaks volumes. He raps about how faded blue bubbles, “pillow-talking, peace offerings”, and a complicated love can lead to sweeter melodies and a new ‘AM In The AM’. - CLASH magazine

Watch the Official Music Video for "Shook Up ft. Joey Bada$$ and FARR" here:


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