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Linden Jay co-writes and produces Pip Millett's new track "Tell Jimmy"

Stream "Tell Jimmy" here:

Today, Manchester-based singer Pip Millett has released her latest EP entitled "Tell Jimmy". Fast Friends' writer and producer Linden Jay subsequently took to Instagram to announce his role as co-writer and producer for the title track of the EP, "Tell Jimmy".

Millett's new EP has been expressed as the singer 'easing herself into her next chapter' and 'an anthemic journey through heartbreak and empowerment'. The Linden Jay-produced title track alone passionately highlights the anger and sense of betrayal Millett feels towards an ex, however the song finishes with a sense of empowerment that she is now over the hurt he inflicted.

"Pip Millett's 'Tell Jimmy' is more than a collection of songs; it's a bold declaration of independence and self-empowerment. Through her soulful voice and candid storytelling, Millett invites listeners on a journey of healing and self-discovery."


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