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Linden Jay featured on latest episode of BBC's "Music Life" podcast

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For the latest episode of BBC's "Music Life" podcast, Linden Jay has joined Ane Brun and electro-pop band Sylvan Esso's Amelia Meath to discuss their navigation between genres and different lyrical inspirations. The "Music Life" podcast provides stars with a chance to come together to talk through their individual music collections, what their writing processes are like and the inspirations behind their works.

This weeks episode saw Linden discussing his early beginnings as a producer - a profession he says he fell into. Having always been a musician from a young age, he talks of how he became interested in the engineering side as he got older. The three creatives discuss how producing is a much more fluid role in the current age of music compared to what it used to be, before then going on to talk about each of their own approaches to music production. For those interested in hearing from the brains behind some of the most popular tracks, this podcast is not one to be missed!


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