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grentperez makes debut appearance in fashion and pop culture magazine 'A Book Of'

Naming him as a 'global sensation', A Book Of magazine have sat down with grentperez to discuss his recent EP, current headline tour across North America and his career goals for the future.

Beginning the article with a gushing introduction of Perez, author Irvin Rivera comments that he is a 'down-to-earth' and 'genuine' artist, who offers a source of 'solace' and 'reflection' in his music. Most notably, Rivera then goes on to highlight how Perez 'emphasizes the importance of representation in the music industry, particularly for artists of Asian descent, and how breaking free from stereotypical expectations can inspire others'.

Rivera kicks off the interview by asking Perez for the inspiration behind his recent EP 'When We Were Younger':

When We Were Younger was written during a time of reflection, that I really am only getting older, my friends are growing up, my parents are too, so the EP is a means of me connecting with who I was/am before moving forward into my career.

Later, the interview moves towards Grant's future goals seeing as his hit single 'Cherry Wine' racked up over 100 million streams on Spotify, to which he humbly states:

To plainly keep at it, keep on keeping on and evolving my sound, experimenting with different genres.


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