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Maths Time Joy releases Beat Tape: Volume 1 under 'MTJ Beats' alias

The 12 track body of work fuses iconic hip-hop, soul, and R&B samples, flawless instrumentals and dynamic percussion to create seamless, elegant, greatness.

Having spent the last few years focusing on production, the London based polymath, decided it was time to revisit where things began for him, making beats.

Speaking more on the project Maths Time Joy shares: “I think a lot of people have misconceptions about it being a form of stealing and laziness, but the people who inspire me have always been so creative with sampling, for example 9th wonder, J Dilla and Madlib. I wanted to show people how sampling can be an artform still. I've tried to find a middle ground with this project between being a sample based beat maker and an instrumentalist.

Mellow and gorgeous, the Beat Tape brings with it shimmering arrangements, snippets of nostalgia, and perfectly positioned percussion.

Sharing a little bit more about his process, Maths Time Joy explained: “Normally I spend a day or so looking through samples, finding sections I can sample, and then start chopping and pitching them till I get a vibe I know I can start adding drums and guitar around. Once you get used to hearing songs from a sample perspective , you get used to hearing the parts which you know will work being sampled.”

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