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Linden Jay and Maths Time Joy write and produce tracks for Aby Coulibaly's new EP

24 year-old singer songwriter Aby Coulibaly from Dublin has just released her debut EP, featuring three songs co-written and produced by Fast Friends' own Linden Jay and Maths Time Joy. The second and third tracks on the EP ('Patience' and 'Fighting 4 Luv') credit Maths Time Joy as a writer and producer, whilst the final track on the EP 'Don't Let Them' credits Linden Jay as a writer and producer.

Since her debut single 'Taurus' in 2020, Aby Coulibaly abruptly emerged from the underground scene in Dublin. She started out recording in her room over YouTube beats which then got uploaded to Soundcloud, causing her to amass a sizeable cult following. She began to gain further traction through her own live shows in her hometown, and has since managed to make solidified name for herself as an alternative R&B artist. It would be an understatement to say her debut EP has been long-awaited.

On 'Fighting 4 Luv':

‘Fighting 4 Luv’ works as a melting pot of beats that adds a snap and bite behind Coulibaly’s powerful vocal dynamics.

Watch the Music Video for 'Patience' here:


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