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Maths Time Joy writes and produces two tracks on new Grace Weber album

Stream the album 'Paperflower' here:

R&B singer-songwriter Grace Weber has released her sophomore album 'Paperflower' today, with Maths Time Joy writing and producing the tracks 'XTC' and 'We Are (feat. James Vickery)'. 'XTC' talks of trying to understand a potential lover's intentions, whereas 'We Are' expresses the feelings idea that home is wherever you and the person you love are.

Talking about the highly anticipated album, Weber stated:

Paperflower is an album that represents my time living in Los Angeles the past four years and the love I’ve experienced with my husband, my friends, and the community of musicians I’ve gotten to work with here,”
“There’s this lasting love I have in my life and the music I’ve created for this album, that has bloomed and grown over the past year and a half of working on it. I’m really excited about this project and the way it represents me as an artist and R&B singer-songwriter.”

Watch the Official Music Video for 'Lonely' from the album 'Paperflower' here:


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