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Sophia Alexa continues growing in the web 3.0 space

After joining the Web 3.0 / Music NFT community and successfully selling her genesis NFT on the Catalog marketplace within 24 hours of minting it, Sophia Alexa launched her second NFT with the release of her track "Kids".

The NFT auction saw a fierce bidding war that took place between serial music NFT collectors Blockchain Brett and Wronski.eth and ended up selling for 3 ETH on the Catalog platform (currently ~$10k).

For the release of her second official single "Hit and Run", Sophia joined the Sound XYZ platform, where all 25 NFT editions made available sold out in under 60 seconds!

Follow Sophia Alexa: Instagram: @sophiaalexamusic TikTok: @sophiaalexamusic Twitter: @sophiaalexa MUSIC: Spotify / YouTube / Apple Music / Amazon


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