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Sophia Alexa sells out 100 NFT editions of new single on Sound XYZ in minutes

Following on from two incredibly successful NFT drops around her previous singles 'Buried Alive' and 'Hit and Run' on Sound XYZ, Sophia decided to lower the barrier of entry and price 100 NFT editions of her new single 'The Way You See Me' at 0.01ETH, which is 1/10th of the initial sale price for previous drops. Sophia has been keen to expand her community of collectors in the Web 3.0 space by making the point of entry more accessible.

The drop was a huge success and all 100 editions sold out within 15 minutes. There have been dozens of secondary sales since and many multiples of the original initial sale price and Sophia has welcomed dozens of new collectors and fans alike.

View the NFT collection here on Sound XYZ.


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