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Linden Jay interviewed by BBC about the use of AI in songwriting

Whilst attending the BMI London Awards 2023 to receive his award for 'Song of the Year', Linden Jay caught up with BBC Newsbeat on the red carpet.

Since the introduction of AI into mainstream use and consumption, it has started to be used to aid songwriters in some cases. BBC Newsbeat sought to talk to a number of creatives behind the biggest tracks of the year about their thoughts on AI, yet found they all shared one thing in common - AI cannot imitate human emotion and artistry.

Linden Jay shared his thoughts on how AI can sometimes be a welcomed tool:

"I've been using it a little bit in my writing just to help advance ideas,"
"And, you know, I'm not the greatest singer in the world so sometimes I sing and I'll turn it into a famous artist's voice, just to get an idea of if something is headed in a good direction."


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