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grentperez named in Rolling Stone AU/NZ's Future of Music

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Alongside names such as Dom Dolla, G Flip and Peach PRC, grentperez has been included in Rolling Stone AU/NZ's Future Of Music series - a "list of 25 of the most exciting and innovative artists from Australia and New Zealand".

The series is said to point out those emerging artists that have managed to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive music industry. In other words, the article states "These are the artists who are destined for the very top. These are the artists who you’ll be hearing a lot from in 2024 and beyond." The article later goes on to point out how clearly knowing who you are as an artist is what put all 25 names in the list - something Grant has known with ease from the very start.

In discussing grentperez, Rolling Stone said:

Everything about grentperez feels fresh, from his genre-bending ability to the distinctive falsetto that’s helped him find a unique lane in indie pop.
It might be neat to hail someone as a “Gen Z artist,” but grentperez fully fits the bill, handling the jump from bedroom-pop-unknown to international recognition with aplomb.


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