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Jonas Aden speaks up on mental health and launches debut merch line

Jonas Aden continued to show today why he is a leading figure and role model among his peers, bravely speaking up on his experiences with mental health and encouraging others to do so as well in his latest, very personal YouTube video. After wanting to speak up on the matter for a long time now, Jonas also decided to collaborate with Norwegian designer retail YME to create and launch his first merch line ever.

As a result of Covid-19, more people are experiencing loneliness and fear, affecting their mental health and well being. Isolation, loss of income and fear have triggered an increasing amount of mental health issues. During these troubling times, this collaboration is a way for YME and Jonas Aden to increase awareness and show support to this growing issue through their collaboration named "Dancing For Mental Health".

Flipping his mantra of “but I’ll shut up now” into "but I won't shut up now", Jonas urges people to speak up and not shut up, as to increase transparency and prevention of mental health problems amongst the people around us.

100% of the profits from this campaign will go to Mental Helse, a Norwegian mental health organisation that has worked for over 40 years supporting people with mental health issues. Mental Helse is solely committed to increase awareness, prevention of mental health problems and a better health service.

YME x Jonas Aden "Dancing For Mental Health" collection available here:

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