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Debut Linden's World episode featuring Erick The Architect & Sophie Faith

Watch here:

Today saw the premiere of the debut episode of Linden's World, a series created by British songwriter, producer and artist Linden Jay, putting a spotlight on the stories behind his work with other artists and creatives.

The episode features a full band performance of 'Die 4 U' by Erick The Architect ft. Sophie Faith & Linden Jay. Honey slicked 4-part harmonies vocals, acoustic bass, and piano set the musical ambiance as Erick the Architect appears as a hologram in a picture frame, dropping lyrical gems. The official video for "Die 4 U" premiered last month on Complex.

The second segment of the episode features a interview with Linden and his guests Sophie Faith and Erick The Architect by way of FaceTime call.

The video was filmed and edited by Fuego Films, and This and That Media who did the VFX.

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