Sarah Barrios is a breath of fresh air. A proud reading enthusiast, her approach is akin to that of writing a novel. Weaving together stories with raw human emotion, Sarah wins her audience at first listen with a textured experience of imagery and color. 

Influenced by an intelligently diverse spectrum ranging from Jane Austen to Sci-Fi books, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac to Jon Bellion and Paramore, Sarah’s music evokes both nostalgia and anticipation for the future. 

Growing up in the small town of Torrington, Connecticut with her parents and two younger brothers, Sarah’s childhood revolved around music. Her parents played in bands together and encouraged family jam sessions and jazz nights at home. 

Inking a deal with Arista (Sony Music), Sarah finished recording two EPs and an album between Los Angeles and Sweden, and now prepares to share her project with the world. 

When recording in Sweden, Sarah decorated the studio with twinkle lights to brighten the mood. She sets the scene. She gets caught in the moment. Like getting lost in the pages of a fantasy novel, like getting swept up in the atmosphere of dancing with friends under twinkle lights - Sarah Barrios is a welcome escape to simpler, more beautiful times. 


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