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Will Vaughan credited on the first two tracks of Oliver Tree's new album

As stated by Oliver Tree himself, each of his albums comes with a 'new character', and so his latest album 'Alone In A Crowd' centres around a fashion-designer character called 'Cornelius Cummings'. Fast Friends writer and producer Will Vaughan is credited on the first two tracks, namely 'Bounce' and 'One & Only'. 'One & Only' talks of finding and preserving true love, whilst 'Bounce' is a loud alternative-pop anthem.

Talking about the album, Oliver Tree stated:

For me, this album was made at a time where I experienced a pretty unique thing, which was having viral success and experiencing fame, which I went from having in two months zero followers on TikTok to 10 million. And in that process, I became incredibly lonely. I felt isolated, Rapunzel-ed (ph). It wasn't actually a really healthy experience.

Watch the Official Music Video for 'One & Only' here:


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