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VINCINT releases captivating new single "Take Me Home" produced by Tiggs

Stream "Take Me Home" here:

Vocal powerhouse VINCINT has released his second single of the year "Take Me Home" alongside a stunning music video featuring model and musician Jonah Almost. The Tiggs-produced track explores themes of love and the search for belonging and acts as what VINCINT says is a 'fraternal twin sister' to his earlier release "Romance". The song has only heightened fan's excitement for his second album which is set to be announced later this year.

‘Take Me Home’ is the fraternal twin sister to ‘Romance’, says VINCINT. “It’s the continuation of the best night of your life; it's the moment in the night when you’ve let go of reality taken the shot you shouldn’t have and start dreaming of a life with the person you’ve been dancing with for 10 minutes; it’s blind romanticism smothered in glitter and psychosis!

Watch the Official Music Video here:


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