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vaultboy releases sensational sophomore EP 'this is what i get' via Fast Friends


1. i can't do anything right 2. ghost stories 3. why u gotta be like that (ft. Nightly)

4. i wish u knew 5. this is what i get

vaultboy shares, "My new EP 'this is what i get' is a themed collection of stories that all lend themselves to the consequences of choice. Good and bad, my choices lead me into and through a bad mental state and a better one, getting into situationships and over them, and even the thrill of a spooky evening with someone special - I am my greatest downfall and champion."

On the release, Variance Magazine says:

The five-song collection is out now via Fast Friends, and it includes his absolutely irresistible, definitely very sad song "why u gotta be like that," a collaboration with pop bop favorites Nightly. It's such a perfect combination, paired with the song "i wish you knew," proving why vaultboy is at the top of his game right now.

'this is what i get' EP playlist on YouTube:


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