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vaultboy releases new single 'where tf have you been?'

Stream 'where tf have you been?' here:

vaultboy has started off the year strong with the release of his new single 'where tf have you been?', accompanied by an impeccable visualiser for the track. Although it's a 'happy' song (as stated by vaultboy himself), the lyrics highlight the frustration of waiting for the right and the loneliness that can be felt in this time.

The track takes the listener on a journey by starting out with vaultboy seemingly at the 'bottom', facing multiple issues in his life, however the song swiftly lifts when he states 'But you showed up like, "Hey"', emphasising the positive change in his life after meeting the right person. In spite of this, the main lyric of the song being 'where the f*** have you been?' indicates the frustration vaultboy feels about why it took the person so long to come into his life, in turn creating a narrative that depicts the mixed emotions of relationships perfectly.

Watch the Official Visualiser for 'where tf have you been?' here:

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