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vaultboy Releases New Single 'rocket science'

Hot on the heels of vaultboy's explosive debut hit "everything sucks" and equally successful follow-up "aftermath", the rising singer-songwriter returns this week with a new hit "rocket science". In the digital age of dating, relationships have seemingly become more complicated, and "rocket science" effortlessly conveys the feelings of confusion many of us face while in pursuit of 'the one'.

vaulboy shares:

"I was in the “talking stage” with this girl who I really liked but it felt extremely difficult to shoot my shot: a feeling most people have felt . I wrote “rocket science” to tell that story, my story, about knowing you both have feelings for each other, and saying “what the hell, let’s do this!” After all, it’s not rocket science."

Stream 'rocket science':

Follow vaultboy:

Instagram: @vaultboy

TikTok: @vaultboymusic


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