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Tiggs co-writes three tracks on Noahfinnce EP ‘My Brain After Therapy'

Tiggs co-writes ‘I Just Won’t Care’, ‘Better Days’ and ‘After Therapy’ on Noahfinnce second EP ‘My Brain After Therapy’.

Alternative Press shares in an interview with the artist:

When the time finally came to sit down in front of a therapist and spill his guts, he found himself able to join the dots between his present and his past. Traumatic events from a decade ago were still rippling into his 22-year-old self’s behaviors without him being conscious of them. While there was a sense of simultaneous enlightenment and frustration at the things he found on the therapist’s couch, Adams discovered plenty of songwriting inspiration too. My Brain After Therapy, his second EP out June 3, is an open invitation for listeners to press their ears against the door of one of these therapy sessions — but with a side serving of spiky riffs and catchy melodies, he makes it fun.

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