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Tiggs co-writes and produces "Hammers" on Alec Benjamin's new album

Alec Benjamin's new album "(Un)Commentary" is out now. The album features 13 tracks, including the song "Hammers", co-written by Tiggs in collaboration with fellow esteemed songwriters and producers Sir Nolan, Eli Teplin and Lenno.

Talking about the album, People writes:

Alec Benjamin is "Older" now — and he's ready to share that side of himself with the world through his new music.
Though the pandemic wasn't an easy time for the "Let Me Down Slowly" singer, he's grateful for the time of reflection and his newfound perspective — something that's demonstrated in his second studio album (Un)Commentary, which dropped on Friday.
The album title is a play on words — "uncommon" and "commentary," he explains. "That's what this album is about. It's my commentary, or at least from my point of view, what a lot of those things meant to me."

Stream "(Un)Commentary" featuring the track "Hammers"

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