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Tiggs co-writes and produces 'daphne' by Zach Hood from his latest EP 'Blossom'

Zach Hood releases his 6-track EP 'Blossom' via Arista Records includoing track 5 'daphne' which was co-written and produced by Tiggs.

About the project, Zach says:

This EP is about a stage in life which everyone goes through. It’s a time where u start to feel and experience things your younger self couldn’t even imagine," says Hood. "I moved across the country away from everyone and everything I know to chase a dream not only for myself but for everything I stand for, and yes, some people may not move across a country but growing up comes with almost 100 percent adversity and challenges you have to face as a human.

Watch the 'daphne' lyric video on YouTube below:


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