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Teen Vogue sits down with grentperez to discuss his writing process and all-things touring

Two weeks before setting off on his headline North American tour, Vogue's sister publication 'Teen Vogue' sat down with grentperez to get to know the 'rising alt-pop star'.

The interviewer focusses on questions that delve into the creative process behind Perez's work, such as the inspiration behind certain tracks, whilst also quizzing him on tour-based matters such as what it was like for Grant to embark on his first world tour last year.

In one of the questions, Teen Vogue asks what the creative process behind his latest EP 'When We Were Younger' was:

I wrote [WWWY] throughout the last year and a half, [while] I was already on tour. So to be honest, I've just been packed out trying to find as much time as I can and really trying to connect with myself spiritually, trying to connect with my younger self...Everything was written everywhere. There's songs written in the U.K., songs written in America, Australia. It's a mix. It's a mess.

After an in-depth discussion of his tour life, songwriting skills, familial influences and ability to take care of his mental health on the road, Teen Vogue then asked for his reaction to a member of the K-Pop girl group NewJeans covering one of his tracks earlier this year:

Yo, that was wild. I did not expect that whatsoever, and it's pretty sick coming from a fellow Australian as well. I was just in disbelief. I was like "No way. No way Hanni just sang my song like that".


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