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Sophia Alexa's 'Stories: Behind The Song' returns with Lily Moore and Julia Bailen

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Today marked the return of Sophia Alexa's self-made event 'Stories' - a songwriters' round in which artists are invited to perform their songs and discuss the stories behind them for an audience of young creatives.

Sophia started up the 'Stories' evenings just before lockdown in January of 2020, with the intimate event returning on April 5th of 2022. 'Stories' has since then come back with eight subsequent music-focussed events, the latest taking place today, indicating just how popular the educational yet relaxed and welcoming evenings are becoming.

Some of the artists that have joined Alexa since the creation of 'Stories: Behind The Song' include but are by no means limited to: Jack Kane, Lily Agnes, Lexie Carroll, Ellysse Mason, Kings Elliot, BrokenPen, Hayd, Jon Poppii, Dan Whitlam, Tayo Sound, Lily Moore, JC Stewart and Julia Bailen (who's band Alexa accompanied on a few of their tour dates earlier this year).


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