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Sophia Alexa's debut EP "Groundwork" is out now

With the release of her first two singles "House of Cards" and "Hit and Run", Sophia Alexa quickly established herself as an exciting new artist, gaining notable support from press including Wonderland, Earmilk, NOTION, Ones To Watch, Fashionaby Early. Streaming platform support has included Sophia gracing the covers of Spotify's "New Pop UK" and "Fresh Finds UK" playlists and placements in "Today at Apple" which plays throughout Apple stores worldwide.

Today the California-born, Amsterdam-raised and now London-based singer-songwriter shares her debut EP "Groundwork" with focus track "Buried Alive".

Talking about the focus track of the EP, Sophia shares:

I wrote ‘Buried Alive’ at a time when I had become a bit of a hoarder, and I’d hold on to everything, down to pamphlets from a doctor’s office to every journal I’ve written in. It was a strange sentimental attachment to everything I owned. I wondered why people, including me, attach themselves to things, and it’s more than materialism, it’s having something permanent. The title came from this tv show called ‘Buried Alive’ about hoarders and in a way I related to them trying to fill some void or emotion with possessions.

Alexa layers her voice beautifully on this track, complicating the melody with more and more harmonic layers. But other than that, “Buried Alive” is a marvel in its simplicity, made up of mostly a strong leading piano part and an accompanying bass line. It’s her voice that drives the song, which—as gentile as it is powerful—delivers the message of the son beautifully.

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