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Sophia Alexa releases new track 'Stones' with Kes mixing

Stream 'Stones' here:

Sophia Alexa has today released her new, intensely sentimental track 'Stones', which talks of being able to let go of emotional baggage and negative thoughts. Alexa creates a metaphor for the word 'stones' in the track by likening these negativities and self-criticisms that weigh her down to carrying 'stones' around in her pocket. Upon release of the song, she explained the tender meaning behind the track, which arose from a conversation with her Dad:

I wrote it about something my dad told me during a time when i was being really hard on myself. He said I carry all these stones in my pocket that weigh me down, like negative thoughts and criticisms about myself. So he gave me this one stone to keep in my wallet and told me it was the only stone I could carry around, he said it held all the love and support he has for me.

Watch the Official Visualizer here:


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