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Sophia Alexa releases new track "Hall Pass" with Kes mixing

Stream "Hall Pass" here:

Sophia Alexa's new release "Hall Pass" discusses issues of 'self-sabotage' and being skeptical of things going too well. The track, mixed by Kieran Beardmore (aka "Kes"), contrasts an uptempo guitar backing with sombre lyrics, all whilst posing as an intensely reflective song that looks at Alexa's use of her defense mechanisms.

Talking about the song, Alexa said:

“I wrote hall pass because I wanted to capture the feeling of self-sabotage. I’ve always had this fear that when something is going too well I’m just waiting for it to fall apart. It’s almost a form of protection and being okay with someone leaving before you get hurt, which is why I loved the title hall pass, it’s giving someone an out.”

Watch the Official Music Video for "Hall Pass" here:


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