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Sophia Alexa releases new single "Hit and Run"

Sophia Alexa's second release of the year is out now on all streaming platforms. "Hit and Run" is Sophia's second single leading up to her debut EP and is accompanied by yet another amazing visual directed by Matthew Sterling.

Sophia shares:

i wrote ‘Hit and Run’ after i noticed myself feeling the need to escape every time i got too close to someone. I was afraid of feeling trapped or attached even if the relationship was positive. The escape felt like a defence mechanism and writing this song was a way to summarise that feeling. In the process of writing it i wasn’t sure if the title was too dark so contrasting it with more uptempo drums was a great way to hide the reality of the lyric

The release is already getting significant attention from critics, with outlets like Ones to Watch emphasising how impressive Sophia's work is, besides only being at the very start of her career:

Although just her second single, the London-based artists emanates a veteran presence on "Hit & Run." The construct of the single is fast and fun, but the lyrics are forlorn and foreboding, describing the sensation of feeling trapped in a relationship, regardless of its merit.

Follow Sophia Alexa: Instagram: @sophiaalexamusic TikTok: @sophiaalexamusic Twitter: @sophiaalexa MUSIC: Spotify / YouTube / Apple Music / Amazon


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