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Sophia Alexa releases new heartfelt track "Losing By A Landslide"

Stream "Losing By A Landslide" here:

Acting as her first release of 2024, Sophia Alexa's latest indie-folk hit "Losing By A Landslide" dropped yesterday on streaming platforms - a song that acts as a poignant reflection on her current experience as a young adult. The song highlights the issues she has faced so far in her 20s and the lies she feels she was told about how this stage in her life would be. Lyrics such as 'need a distraction, look up useless sh** online' and 'can't help but feel like I'm stuck in place' paint a relatable picture of trying to find your feet in the early years of adult life, but not knowing quite how to do it.

Music magazine 'PureMzine' also shared their thoughts on the track:

With delicate yet powerful vocals, Sophia artfully articulates the palpable sense of inadequacy that often accompanies this stage of life. “Losing by a Landslide” serves as a poignant reminder that everyone moves at their own pace, despite the pressure to conform to predefined milestones.

The accompanying lyric video for "Losing By A Landslide" sees Alexa walking the streets of her current hometown London, with shots of the singer-songwriter showing her supposedly pondering the sincere nature of the lyrics. You can watch the Lyric Video here:


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