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Sillkey produces "Games We Play" by Jaz Karis

South London artist Jaz Karis just released a double A-side single including "Games We Play", co-written and produced by Sillkey. This follows a multitude of previous collaborations between the two including "Home" "Sunrise" and "Sillkey's Reprise".

GRM Daily says:

Jaz Karis is an artist who can’t be boxed in when it comes to sounds and on her two new tracks, she opts for R&B to deliver smooth vibes for her fans. Compared to “2NIGHT” where the south London singer goes solo on a steady-paced beat, “Games We Play” is a lot more sultry in tone as Jaz exchanges vocals with J Warner to slow things all the way down.
Both tracks are an exhibition of Jaz’s silky sound which has been making waves within the UK R&B space in recent years.

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