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Sillkey co-writes and co-produces Mahalia's 'BRB'

Birmingham-based artist, writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sillkey co-wrote and co-produced Mahalia's BRB, the leading single off her newly-released Isolation Tapes. BRB has already received strong support from both the public and streaming platforms equally, having been featured in 17 New Music Friday playlists on Spotify.

NME says of the track:

‘BRB’, a sultry cut of the emotive R&B that Mahalia became renowned for on 2017 viral smash ‘Sober’. [...] ‘BRB’ – her favourite on the release – was started in February of this year, after Mahalia hadn’t written anything in six months, she’d just begun a new relationship and was lamenting the fact that she was going to be separated from her partner whilst touring. “Writing ‘BRB’ was so personal. I felt it so much at that time because I missed him so much.”

Stream/listen here:

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