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Sarah Barrios releases "Teenage Rebellion", the official theme song for the new season of Dungeons and Dragons' game show Dimension 20

Stream "Teenage Rebellion" here:

Highlighting Sarah Barrios' newly released track in their "Queer Jams of the Week" article, Billboard has described her latest single as having

'every ounce of insurgency a good pop-rock track can muster'.

In the song, Barrios explores the idea of being frustrated whilst being in her final years of youth, but also reminds the listener (and herself) that ultimately, in the end, things will be alright.

Being an avid Dungeons and Dragons fan herself, it comes as no surprise that Barrios took to Instagram to share her excitement when the news broke that her new song would be the theme song for the new "Fantasy High: Junior Year" series of Dimension 20 (a role-play game show of D&D).

In one post she stated:

to have even a small part in the show that got me through the darkest of times and made me fall in love with dnd is a gift.

Watch the Official Music Video for "Teenage Rebellion" here:


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