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Sarah Barrios releases relatable new song 'People Pleaser'

Stream "People Pleaser" here:

This week pop-punk princess Sarah Barrios has released her latest track 'People Pleaser'. The lyrics focus on Barrios feeling as though 'no one listens' and describe her reality as 'brimming with pure frustration' at her people-pleasing ways.

The poignant video sees Barrios mouth being held back into a smile shape - reflecting the 'smiles wide for anyone' lyric - and also contains shots of Barrios head being the centrepiece of a table that businessmen keep leaving their drinks on. Despite her being the centrepiece, no one stops to talk to her, reflecting perfectly the entire track's idea of Barrios feeling like she must fight for people to hear what she's got to say.

Watch the Official Music Video here:


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