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Sarah Barrios Releases New Single "Thank God You Introduced Me To Your Sister"

After her latest releases “Have We Met Before” featuring Eric Nam and “IH8EVERY1”, Sarah is now back with her new pop-punk anthem "Thank God You Introduced Me To Your Sister".

American Songwriter says of the song:

Her new song, “Thank God You Introduced Me to Your Sister,” co-written with producer Evan Gartner, jolts you awake, flipping expectations with a “messy and chaotic” queer love story. Identifying as bisexual herself, Barrios borrows inspiration from a fantasy book series called Of Fire and Stars, by author Audrey Coulthurst, in which “a princess who is betrothed to the prince but then meets his sister and things get, dare I say, scandalous,” she says.

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Instagram: @sarahbarrios



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