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Sarah Barrios releases beautiful piano-led ballad 'Reality' alongside stunning visualiser

'Reality' which is Sarah's first official release since April 2022, unveils a never-before- seen unmasked side of the Los Angeles-based artist.

Through haunting songwriting, Sarah conveys the feelings of isolation she experienced during a particularly difficult period of her own emotional and mental health.

She reflects, “I wrote this song during a time when my disassociation and depression were at an all-time high. The world around me looked empty, dark and strange and I felt like I was the only one who noticed.”

Accompanied only by driving piano chords, her voice and lyricism shine through entirely unencumbered on the recording. A resolute degree of vulnerability and openness speaks to her fragility during this time.

“I wanted to try and depict what it feels like to fall down the rabbit hole alone,” she continues.

'Reality' was produced and co-written by Wyatt Sanders, who previously collaborated on Sarah’s songs 'Mourn the Living' and 'I H8 EVERY1' which connected with an audience on TikTok where videos using the song have reached over 3 million views and ultimately led to its full release after the viral response.

Watch the visualizer for 'Reality' on YouTube below:


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