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rrotik releases 'Dance With Me / Do You Want Me' with Smalltown DJs

Stream / listen here:

Without consistently recording the atmosphere, it is impossible to say with certainty how often astroids collide. We can although make assumptions from what we have recorded in the past.

We now know this has happened at least twice in our lifetime. Planet Earth (Canada to be specific) was lucky enough to have both these otherwise catastrophic events happen right above festival goers in both 2017 and '18. The remnants of the astroid dust sprinkled down onto the shoulders of three of the coolest producers out there; rrotik and Smalltown DJs.

Some say it was fate, some say it was luck but we can say with 100% certainty, this is fact. The boys have transformed this event into a two tracker for you which is out of this world.

'Dance With Me' is an absolute club banger from beginning to end, while 'Do You Want Me' takes you a bit deeper into their moody sides. Some say these astroids get you high. Maybe this is the bi-product of some crazy trip they went on together.

With this release, rrotik and Smalltown DJs are joining the family at Box Of Cats for the first time and what hopefully won’t be the last!

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