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okgiorgio returns with his second single 'okokokokok'

Stream 'okokokokok' here:

Italian DJ, producer, artist, songwriter and new signee to the Fast Friends label okgiorgio is back with his follow up single 'okokokokok'. The electronic track, features in Apple Music's 'New Music Daily' playlist, centres around the three words "I never cry" whilst maintaining a steady uptempo beat with guitar samples splayed across the background.

His debut single 'okokok' was what initially

thrust okgiorgio into his solo career back in 2022, seeing him being named Italian music reporter Rockit's 'future of music' later that year.

His individualistic approach to electronic music is what has garnered him such popularity due to his passion for mixing Indie/Folk harmonies with a sample-based style.

Italian music reporter 'Rockit' said this about the track:

"I never cry": it is around these three words that Okgiorgio's new single revolves, condensing the depth of a fragile soul within the electronic coils of his beats, to create a nocturnal veil behind which to hide tears.

Watch the Official Visualizer here:


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