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Maths Time Joy releases new single 'Real Deal' (feat. J Warner and Sinead Harnett)

Stream/listen here:

After two years since his last release, Maths Time Joy is now back in full forces with an exciting new track – 'Real Deal' featuring UK R&B royals J Warner and Sinead Harnett, which he co-wrote and produced.

Wonderland Magazine says of the song:

Today marks the release of his newest single, the deliciously sultry and stripped-down “Real Deal”. In an effortless blend of Soul and R&B, Joy creates a sparse soundscape laden with slow grooves and stirring vocals. With the added synergy of J Warner and Sinead Harnett gliding into the sonic spotlight, the whole ensemble comes together in a seamless and transcendent blaze of feel-good vocal bliss.

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Instagram: @MathsTimeJoy

Twitter: @MathsTimeJoy


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