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Maths Time Joy produces James Vickery's new single 'Somewhere, Out There'

James Vickery, one of UK's R&B rising stars, has just released his brand new single 'Somewhere, Out There', produced by Maths Time Joy, which anticipates his upcoming and highly anticipated debut album.

New single 'Somewhere, Out There' finds James Vickery sparring with Maths Time Joy, and it taps into the general dystopia we are living through. An attempt to lift the gloom, it aims to find light amid the darkness.

Earmilk says:

Vickery taps into nostalgia with lovelorn elements on this moody and introspective record. He teams up with his longtime collaborator Maths Times Joy who crafts the most suited instrumental to convey the song's thoughts on being separated from your loved ones.

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