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Maths Time Joy co-writes & produced Ayelle's "Right Now" and James Vickery's "Something Good"


Ayelle 'Right Now' -

James Vickery 'Something Good' -

Of 'Something Good' OnesToWatch says Written and produced with Maths Time Joy (Mahalia, Sinead Harnett), “Something Good” is about one of Vickery’s past relationships that left him feeling confused, yet satisfied. In this vulnerable reflection, he attempts to pinpoint aspects of the relationship that he found the most fulfilling. Just like the rest of his repertoire, “Something Good” showcases Vickery’s undeniable conviction to his musical craft through his refreshingly raw vocals and sultry harmonies.

Of 'Right Now' Earmilk says Floating along with a chilled out melody, Ayelle's vocals soar in and out with an effortless R&B vibe, keeping a steady rhythm. She shares, "It's about those moments spent with someone that are so fleeting yet somehow feel eternal. I wrote it about trying to stay in that space instead of worrying about how long something will last." Ayelle has been steadily releasing new works and singles every month for the past couple months.

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