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Maths Time Joy co-writes and produces tracks no. 1 & 2 on Mahalia's long-awaited debut album!

Once again, Maths Time Joy joins forces with Mahalia, this time on tracks number 1 and 2 of her long-awaited debut album 'Love & Compromise', out today!

While track 2 is the already released hit single 'I Wished I Miss My Ex', the opening track 'Hide Out' is a brilliant introduction to the lyrical and musical themes of the album; self-preservation and self-confidence, which are key ingredients of Mahalia's writing style.

Maths Time Joy's production brings these themes to life and lays the foundations for this "timeless, timely triumph" (The Line of Best Fit). MTJ's name appears alongside the likes of Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Felix Joseph, Pop Wansel, Sam Dew and more amazing producers!

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