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Maths Time Joy co-writes and produces ‘Leo Bear’ by Sinead Harnett and ‘Legless’ by MiC LOWRY

Currently working on her debut album, London singer-songwriter Sinead Harnett has just shared her emotive, soulful new single ‘Leo Bear’. Deep and emotion-provoking, the song is very personal and it showcases the Neo-Soul songstress’ vocal and songwriting abilities. The track was co-written and produced by Maths Time Joy, who is also on co-writing and production duties on MiC LOWRY’s latest single ‘Legless’. With this song, Maths Time Joy has helped the fivesome bring back elements of their youthful love of vintage R&B that notably characterises them.

Listen/stream 'Leo Bear':

Listen/stream 'Legless':

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