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Maths Time Joy co-writes and produces "Feature Me" by Flo

London R&B trio Flo just released their long anticipated debut EP "The Lead". Included on the five-song EP are the songs "Cardboard Box", "Immature", "Summertime", "Feature Me" - co-written and produced by Maths Time Joy, and "Another Guy (acoustic)".

Talking about the EP on Complex UK, the group shares:

Our debut EP, The Lead, represents personal and professional growth because it’s taken so many twists and turns. We are young Black women navigating life and musicians finding our voice and sound through R&B. Pop means popular, and R&B could be pop, but people need to give it the same love and chance.
The Lead shows us that positive things can come from tough conversations, and reminds us to take the lead and not follow anyone else when making decisions on your relationships and listening to your truth.

Stream "Feature Me" from the EP "The Lead"

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