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Maths Time Joy co-writes and produces "Exito" by Flores

After numerous successful releases together, producer Maths Time Joy and singer-songwriter Flores are back with their most recent collaboration "Exito", the fourth single ahead of Flores upcoming debut EP.

The release received placements in Spotify's New Music Friday US, Apple Music’s New In R&B, Tidal's Rising: Latin and Soundcloud's Latin Chill + Emerging Latin Music playlists. Meanwhile Flores has been featured on the covers of Soundcloud's Latin R&B playlist and Tidal's Fusion Americano.

About the song, Flores shares:

“Exito" is an ode to overcoming hardships in love. How ones past, the lineage of a history of tropes or abuse can persist for generations. It’s about finding faith in someone, despite how hurt can make us overly cautious. It’s a reminder of how we as people can overcome great obstacles, pain and hardships, and the only way through is to love openly & fully.

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